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The Ancient Lime CBD Flower, a natural hemp flower, delivers an energy boost and an uplifting feeling when consumed. Its scents are unique, with a dazzling mix of lime and lemon flavors and sweet pine sap. It has incredibly refreshing tastes and can be used in cooking to make an excellent infusion.

Habit CBD Ancient Lime CBD Flower

Habit CBD’s Ancient Lime CBD Flower is a Sativa-dominant strain that allows users the ability to reap the many benefits of hemp without high levels of THC. This natural, organic hemp flower contains less than 0.3% THC. It will not get you high. This sweet Oregon-grown hemp flower is infused with cannabis-derived Terpenes. It’s well-known for its calming effects and ability to keep your mind focused.

The Story Behind Ancient Lime

Ancient Lime is a hybrid strain of cannabis. Its origin remains unknown. The internet does not have any information about this cannabis strain, or Growing Passion, its accredited creator. We do know that the Ancient Lime is a crossbreed of Cactus Cooler with The Original Lemonade. There are no data from accredited labs that have tested the CBD and THC levels of this strain. There are also no data on the effects of this cannabis strain, as well as any medical conditions that it may be used for.

Experts in cannabis believe Ancient Lime Strain is a descendant of an Iranian landrace and Snow Lotus. This high-yielding strain of cannabis is best suited to sea green gardens. It also has a 70-day blooming period. Ancient Lime can be found in Oregon.

Terpene Composition

The organic hemp flower is grown organically without the use of pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. It has a low THC content of 0.3% and higher CBD levels to provide the best health and wellness benefits the cannabis plant can offer.

This Ancient Lime CBD Flower Terroir’s unique characteristics are highlighted by its expressive terpene profiles. The main terpenes are Terpinolene and Limonene. Science Direct states that Terpinolene, a cyclic monoterpene rich in parsnip EO, is common to Pinus spp. It is a common component of many commercial cannabis chemovars and is thought to be characteristic of Sativa varieties. Terpinolene is used in soaps and cleaning products as an additive. A 2005 study suggested that it may possess antifungal and antibiotic properties.

Limonene, one of three terpenes in the Ancient Lime strain, is also recognizable by its citrusy scent associated with lemon. It can also be found in citrus peels and many cannabis strains. Many therapeutic properties of Limonene include anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory properties as well as antioxidant, anticancer, anticancer, and pain relief properties.

Pinene, an aromatic compound found within various cannabis strains, smells very much like a forest full of pine trees. It gives our flower that sweet pine tree sap flavor, but it also does other things. Pinene has anti-anxiety and pain relief properties. It could also help reduce short-term memory impairment that is linked to THC.

Reports on the effects of ancient lime CBD flower

The Ancient Lime CBD Flower is a cannabis strain that has a sweet, citrus, and uplifting taste. It offers a Sativa-like high. This Oregon-grown cannabis strain is well known for its ability to keep the user’s attention clear and focused. This strain has a high CBD content but very low THC content. Don’t expect to get the high associated with THC.

Typical uses of the Ancient Lime CBD Flower

For cannabis users who want to reap the many benefits of this plant without experiencing the high effects associated with THC, Habit CBD recommends Ancient Lime CBD Flower. This Ancient Lime CBD Flower is a great choice for those who want to feel energized and keep their minds focused, especially when taken during the day.

Patients with various conditions, such as anxiety and depression, may also be recommended this strain by medical professionals. The Ancient Lime cannabis strain’s terpene profile suggests that it may have anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, antioxidant, and other therapeutic qualities. Users can also enjoy the benefits and no high from THC.

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CBD Flowers Ancient Lime

Natural Organic Hemp Flower
Less Than 0.3% THC (will not get you high)
Cured with Natural Terpenes
3.5 Grams
Child-Resistant Cap
Lab Tested