Liquor bottle Bong

**9 Inch Glass Liquor Bottle Bong: A Fusion of Elegance and Functionality**

Introducing our latest masterpiece, the 9 Inch Glass Liquor Bottle Bong. Crafted with precision and designed for enthusiasts, this unique bong promises an unparalleled smoking experience.

– **Height:** Standing tall at 9 inches, it’s the perfect size for both solo sessions and sharing with friends.
– **Weight:** With a solid weight of 416 grams, this bong ensures stability and durability.
– **Joint Size:** Features a 14mm male joint, making it compatible with a variety of bowl pieces and accessories.
– **Diffused Inline Perc:** Engineered with a diffused inline percolator, it guarantees smooth and filtered hits every time.

Mimicking the elegance of a liquor bottle, this bong serves its purpose and acts as a statement piece in your collection. Its transparent glass lets you watch the magic happen as the smoke travels through the diffused inline perc, providing you with cooler and smoother hits.

**Experience the Difference:**
Whether a seasoned smoker or starting out, the 9 9-inch glass Liquor Bottle Bong will elevate your sessions. Its unique design, combined with top-notch functionality, makes it a must-have for every enthusiast.

**Wholesale is available upon request**

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New Liquor bong bottle with size of 23cm

9 Inch Glass Liquor Bottle Bong

Height: 9 Inches
Weight: 416 Grams
Joint Size: 14mm Male
Diffused Inline Perc