Craft Hemp Prerolls

Sit back and unwind with our hemp pre-rolls that offer a smooth, balanced, and aromatic experience. Designed with ease in mind, our 0.5-gram pre-rolls are light, compact, and tightly rolled by our experienced staff.

Organically grown using sustainable practices in greenhouses throughout Virginia. Certified by Virginia’s Finest™ program.

2018 Federal Farm Bill Compliant. Contains less than 0.3% delta 9 – THC. Certificate of Analysis included.

All Pure Shenandoah smokable products are grown indoors or in a greenhouse to have more influence on the growing environment which improves quality.

Pure Shenandoah prints an RX label for each bag of hemp flowers sold. Specific information is provided including the name of the client who orders, and other details about the packaged flower including variety, plant date, harvest date, and package date for greater transparency.

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Four “STABILIZE” (0.5 g) Hemp Flower Pre-Rolls

The genetics of this high-quality CBD flower has a unique profile of terpenes, including Humulene and Pinene. Scents of pine and basil with a hoppy undertone. Promotes homeostasis throughout the day to keep you grounded.