CBD Flowers Critical Kush


HABIT Critical Kush CBD flowers offer a wide range of delicious flavors that delight your taste buds. They combine earthy citrus notes with a hint of piney herb. This strain can be used to reduce inflammation and pain. You may feel a sense of calm and relaxation.

Critical Kush CBD Flower

HABIT Critical Kush CBD flower offers all the delicious terpenes found in the original THC strain, but they only contain 0.3% THC.

This means you don’t have to experience the same intense psychoactive effects as the original Critical Kush strain.

This is achieved by curing indoor hemp flowers in small batches using the complete set of natural terpenes extracted from fresh-cut Critical Kush flowers while leaving behind their THC content.

Critical Kush: The Story Behind It

Barney’s Farm, a group of Amsterdam-based cannabis growers, was responsible for creating the original Critical Kush. This same group of growers also produced potent strains like Liberty Haze or LSD.

Critical Kush’s first hybrid strain was created by crossing the genes of Skunk 1 and OG Kush with the Critical Mass genomes. This was initially derived from an Afghani strain.

Critical Kush Terpene Composition

The most prominent terpenes in HABIT Critical Kush CBD flower are Limonene (2.24%) and Linalool (1.35%).

Limonene, a citrusy-flavored terpene, is used to produce many foods, drinks, perfumes, or other similar products. It is known for its ability to elevate moods and lift spirits.

Linalool, a terpene found in over 200 species of plants, has a distinctive lavender scent and a hint of spiciness.

The Critical Kush profile also contains some lesser terpenes, such as:
* Alpha-Pinene .90%
* Caryophyllene Oxide- .55%
* Caryophyllene .23%
* Myrcene – .18%
* Humulene – .14%
* Beta-Pinene – .01%
* Terpinolene – .01%

Reports on the Effects of our Critical Kush CBD Flower

You can experience the same calming and relaxing effects when you smoke or vape HABIT Critical Kush CBD Flower as when you do with regular THC flowers.
Our CBD version is not infused with psychoactive substances that can cause intoxication, coordination problems, and inflammation of the eyes.
You can now enjoy Critical Kush CBD flowers anytime you need immediate relief from anxiety or physical tension. However, you do not want to feel stoned or pinned to the couch.

Typical uses of Critical Kush CBD Flower

Our Critical Kush CBD flower, unlike THC flower, which can get you high and is more likely to be used recreationally, is better suited for helping relieve the discomfort of many medical conditions.

CBD has been shown to relieve various ailments, including anxiety, depression, and insomnia. Studies have shown that CBD may possess neuroprotective properties, which could help treat epilepsy.

The best thing about smoking Critical Kush CBD flowers is that they can significantly help people addicted to nicotine but cannot quit because of their heavy smoking habits.

They can psychologically satisfy their cravings for smoking by inhaling CBD flowers. CBD is also known to ease withdrawal symptoms by relieving anxiety and stress. This is often the main reason why people quit smoking.

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CBD Flowers Critical Kush

Natural Organic Hemp Flower
Less Than 0.3% THC (will not get you high)
Cured with Natural Terpenes
3.5 Grams
Child-Resistant Cap
Lab Tested